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Central Prairie Outfitters strives to deliver the most unforgettable waterfowl experience as possible for our clients. Spanning across half of North America our waterfowl outfitter operation allows for hunters to experience all that this continent has to offer.

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*NEW Kansas Waterfowl*

Come join us on our newest addition to Central Prairie Outfitters – KANSAS GREEN TIMBER MALLARD HUNTING!  Located on the world renowned Carters Island, just south of Neosho Wildlife Refuge.  A natural delta, much of the island is natural marshes, which are pumped during dry years.  Between fall rains and the pumps, much of the lush crop land of corn, milo, and soybeans are also flooded about the time when the first flocks of migrating mallards hit the area.  We have the largest green timber property in the entire state of Kansas, this paired with our 2500 acres of flooded corn, soybean and milo make for a true duck hunters dream.  This allows an experience that you cannot find elsewhere in the country. CALL TO BOOK A HUNT TODAY!


Recent Reports and News

  • Big News For Fall 2015

    Central Prairie Outfitters was blessed with a bountiful 2014 season full of happy hunters, new friendships, and safe fun filled adventure.  We were recently presented with the opportunity to step foot on a new fall waterfowl property starting in 2015.  Carters Island in St. Paul Kansas is one of the …

  • Spring Turkey slots still available.

    We still have availability for 2015 spring turkey hunting.  Shotgun season begins mid April and runs through the end of May.  We have plenty of options to meet individual need, so feel free to reach out to us with a phone call or email to arrange your hunt.

Soon to be featured on DU TV!

Central Prairie Outfitters offers only premiere, guided waterfowl hunts across North America. We follow the migration from the prairies of Saskatchewan and end up in the Dakotas in the spring. We've been expanding our waterfowl outfitter operation to better accommodate our customers. We've gone to the extent in Saskatchewan by building a new lodge and adding more land as well as increasing the sizes of our decoy spreads. Our waterfowl guides work hard, even in the offseason to constantly prepare and increase the realness of our setups as well as building new relationships with landowners in the primest waterfowl areas in the country. There's no sleep for the duck and goose hunting addictions that fuel us all year long.

We have a wide variety of options if you're looking for a duck and goose hunting outfitter. Throughout the migration and down the flyway we target various species. We hunt ducks in dry and wet fields, timber, big water and other various setups. We cater to a lot of our Canada goose hunters with unbelievable action in the fields. And if you like snow geese, we hunt multiple states in the spring over different types of field and water spread setups using only top quality gear. We offer any species that flies down the central flyway, just let us know what you're interested in.

We pride ourselves as being a waterfowl guide & outfitter that truely cares about our clients. If there's any special needs that are necessary, we will do everything in our power to accommodate. That's what matters to us. Our client's safety and happiness is our priority.

Let us know if you'd like any references and if you have any questions. We're here to help you make a quality decision on your next guided waterfowl hunt. If you're looking for a reputable waterfowl outfitter, please give us a call. ~ Good Hunting!